Pretio is a continuation of my previous mentioned autobiography. It is a Diary of the Love Pretio and I share and his journey with Colon Cancer. It also expounds upon the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of my mental breakdowns, due to the aftermath of my first marriage, to create awareness of the disease. It, also, delves into the multiple reunions of myself and my previously estranged sons.

Pretio will be released on the summer of 2019!


Love’s The Only House is my autobiography from my childhood to the Estrangement of my sons throughout their childhood. It’s basically a long letter to my sons explaining the events that took place leading up to the Estrangement, and summarizing all I’ve been through to get them back in my life. It may also be enlightening to those who may suspect child abuse. This book is explicit, as I describe the reasons I suspected abuse. This book is not intended for young readers.


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